Kasey Mikelle Content Creator

Hi, I'm Kasey!


I’m a mom, a homeschooler, a writer, and so much more wrapped into one enthusiastic spirit.

My life is a canvas of experiences, from sailing the open seas to capturing the world through my lens as a photographer. I’ve called many places home – from the colorful streets of Spain and the serene landscapes of Thailand, to South America, and even the adventurous life on the road in an RV, roadschooling my kids.

Creativity flows through my veins, whether it’s crafting words as an author, designing visuals as a freelance graphic designer, or exploring the endless possibilities of natural health. My love for avocados might be a quirky detail, but it’s just a taste of my unique journey.

With multiple side hustles fueling my passion for creation and exploration, every day is a new adventure. Join me on this journey where we learn, create, and explore the world in all its splendor – one homeschool lesson, one photograph, and one sail at a time.