About Kasey

I have been professionally photographing high school seniors, families, children, couples and pets for the last 7 years. My style is colorful, fun and clean. I gravitate more toward capturing the fleeting smiles of a real moment, opposed to forced smiles under pressure. Schedule a session with me and you will laugh, have fun and most importantly…immortalize this special season of your life.

I look forward to sharing your story.



A little about me….

I am a gypsy at heart, having moved 5 times in the last 6 years. I would rather spend money on a plane ticket than a purse any day. We have settled in Vero Beach, Florida where I homeschool/roadschool our 10 year old and 6 year old. We want our children to embrace nature and learn about different cultures first hand and not through a textbook.  I am never without a camera and spend more time on Instagram than Facebook.

This video was taken by my dear, sweet friend Marissa of Marissa Noe Photography. She achieved the impossible. Not only did she move me out from behind the camera, she also managed to capture the magical bond I have with my babies. Time is a very delicate thing. Time creeps up on you and you suddenly realize that your kids are grown and you have one picture of you with them and 10,000 of them without you. Yep, that was almost me. Now I have a video and some gorgeous photos. I could pass tomorrow with the comfort of knowing that they will forever have a reminder of how we smiled at one another and how we gave each other running hugs. This makes my heart sing and lets me rest easier.