My name is: Stefanie Neuhaus
I go to school at: Dora High School


If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live: on a beach


If I had $5,000 I would: save it


I most look up to: anyone who has a respectful life

(I thought this was fitting for the pic of her spray painting her name in graffiti on a wall. Doesn’t she look like a natural (inside joke)? Seriously though, if you were to turn the can around you’d see she’s actually “spray painting” with a Big Sexy Hair bottle…he,he… 😉


5 goals on my life’s to-do list are: grow old, be successful, have a happy family, live a role model life and reach my dreams


If I could be any animal, I would be: a fish


After graduation I plan to: attend college and live happily


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One Response

  1. A Zebra? for real? I am so jealous!!!! 🙂 Love all the shots- you are so talented!! next time you have a zebra shot call me I will hold your camera bag!!