Sunrise Hike

In my opinion there is no better time for a maternity shoot than at sunrise. Not only is it beautiful and symbolic of a new day, it is also a great way to escape the Albuquerque heat. Oh….and get to see the hot air balloons taking off. This beautiful Mommy-to-be hiked to the top of […]

Just Look at…

…that head of HAIR. …and all the wrinkly skin she will quickly fill out. oohhh…and the gorgeous, vintage inspired nursery she gets to live in. …and her sweet ballerina outfit that fits so perfectly.   Congratulations to this new Mommy and Daddy. They are truly blessed with an angel. I can’t wait to follow her […]

Great Expectations

There is something extra special about the pregnancy of your first child.  It is hard to explain in words…I just know that when I photographed this beautiful couple, they radiated the feeling I remember. A sort of calm, anxious, loving feeling. Climbing that tiny tree was totally worth it when I captured this image. Next […]

Hang on Little Tomato

I’ve heard some really sweet, funny and cute nicknames for babies. I think Tomato may be my new favorite! Often times this shoot felt more like an engagement shoot than a maternity shoot. Clovis sunsets have such a dreamy, watercolor effect. Note to future clients: Don’t start doing cartwheels behind my back unless you want […]

Sweet Surprise

I love it when clients want to surprise their loved ones with photos. This Mommy-to-be decided to surprise her husband, who is deployed until November, with some maternity photos. This photo happens to be my favorite because it combines all the things her husband loves. Car. Wife. Baby girl. (probably not in that order though […]

Flower Princess

Before and after… Grandma with her girls 🙂 A yawn and a smile – it doesn’t get any better. Congratulations again on becoming a family of four! Want to help this family update their walls with pics of their newest addition? Leave a comment with your congratulations, your favorite pic, or just to let this […]

September Baby Boom

I think it’s safe to say that I took full advantage of the fair this year. It’s one week when Clovis is actually overwhelmed with color and things to do. I’m so thankful this family’s shoot coincided with the fair, because it truly reflects their personalities.  Major props to this Mommy….it’s no easy task having […]


I was a bit leery about this photo shoot because of the looming storm clouds and muddy fields. However, when this mommy-to-be stepped out of the car I knew everything would fall into place. Dressed in a bold, blue dress and yellow scarf, she looked so beautiful and was truly glowing…like sunshine. I knew a […]