Bright Futures

Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program As a fellow homeschooling parent, I understand the labyrinth of scholarship opportunities in Florida can be bewildering. After countless hours of research, discussions in homeschooling groups, and personal experiences with my dual-enrolled son, I’ve uncovered some essential resources for homeschoolers. Navigating this path isn’t easy, but by simplifying the process […]

Naming a Boat

Tips to Help You Name a Boat

Why is the struggle to name a boat greater than it was with my first born child? One would think it would be easy. The boat will never turn 18 and threaten to change it. It will never speak back or even pass judgement on whether it was a good name. So, why the struggle?  […]

Buying a Boat

Buying a Boat

It all started when my Dad gave us a boat. For free. Our driveway became crowded with an RV and a boat and we had to make a choice. Living in Florida we decide to trade in our wheels for a new dream of exploring the deep blue. Fast forward a few years. After a […]

Open in Omaha

Hello prairies, corn fields and green grass. I’m brushing off the desert sand and moving past memories of tripping on cacti. I’m now open for business in Omaha and looking forward to a busy 2014. Think about all the reasons for photos in the next few months…. snow pictures, senior photos, Easter photos, spring photos, […]

Family Friendly Minnesota

We spent the last few weeks exploring the Twin Cities in Minnesota. While I’ve been there before, this was the first chance I had time to wander with kids. I’ve never seen so many parks and green space in a city. I think my cousin thought I was a wee bit wonky when I couldn’t […]

Road Schooling

I took this photo with my iPhone on August 23rd of last year. This is us pulling out of our house in Placitas, NM. At this point everything had either been sold or put in storage. All we needed to live was neatly packed away inside our 36 foot house on wheels. Ahhhh, sweet relief. […]

Enjoying Life

Running at the beach

My little man enjoying life as he so eloquently does. As the waves rushed back into the vast ocean he would run after them, with his arms up, as if he could push them back all by himself. Each time they fought back he ran, squealing with delight and excitement as they chased him back […]

African Cowgirl

I could list a million reasons why I loved this photo shoot, but here are the top two. 1. I got to spend time scouting locations with my beautiful stepdaughter whose visiting from South Africa 2. I got to help her shop for outfits/accessories