Free Trial FAQS

Do I have to buy the oils after I try them for 1 week?

No, absolutely not. You have no obligation to buy oils. My primary purpose of this program is to help educate people about their options.

What do I receive during the trial period?

You will receive the following:

– Diffuser

– A Family Essentials Kit (10 bottles of essential oil)

– An essential oil reference book

– A binder with a wealth of information about how to utilize the oils

– A free consultation with me going over how to utilize the oils

What do you require of me?

All I ask is that you return the items (except the Wild Orange) at the end of the trial period. I have a long waiting list of people waiting to be wowed by the power of essential oils and I hate to make them wait longer than necessary.

Can I earn FREE oils?

Yes. If you choose to host a class you can earn free oils and diffusers. Just ask and I can go into more detail.

If I buy oils or have a class, does that mean I have to sell essential oils?

No. I’m happy to share with you about building an oil business. However, I will never pressure you to sell.

I’m not interested in the free trial, but I have a friend who is. Can I share this offer?

Yes. I’m all about sharing the oil love! I have different kits that I loan out that are more customized to specific needs. They may still fill out this form and just make a note about their health issues.

Where do I need to live to take advantage of this offer?

You need to reside in Vero Beach, Sebastian or Fort Pierce.


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