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How Do I Buy Oils?

Buying oils is easy. Let me quickly breakdown the 3 ways to buy.

1. Retail – pay full price and get no rewards
To buy retail go here and click on “SHOP”

2. Sign up for a wholesale account for $35

A wholesale customer membership gets you 25% off retail.  It is very similar to a Costco membership in the sense that you sign up and renew once a year to get wholesale prices. $35 is the initial fee and $25 a year after that. dōTERRA sends you a free bottle of Peppermint every time you renew ($20 oil) so it’s really $5 a year to maintain.

I recommend this route of purchase to anyone that already has the starter kit oils -or- just wants to buy a few custom oils to start as they build their arsenal of oils slowly.

Signing up as a Wellness Advocate does NOT obligate you to sell. There are no requirements or monthly minimums to meet. You purchase whenever you want.

3. Buy a starter kit 

When you purchase a starter kit the $35 enrollment cost is waived and the oils are discounted further. It’s by far the most affordable way to start. You can view the different starter kit options here.

Ready to buy? Go here

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