Naomi – High School Senior

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I LOVE photographing seniors. Just meeting them and hanging out for 2 hours makes me feel young again and have more  hope for the future. I have no doubt Naomi will make a huge difference in this beautiful world of ours. If she could live anywhere […]

Playing in the Bosque

This was a last minute session that came together ever so perfectly. Autumn. A cool morning.  A guitar. A sweet, happy family. All the ingredients for a fun shoot. Just look at those 2 little teeth!

Sunrise Hike

In my opinion there is no better time for a maternity shoot than at sunrise. Not only is it beautiful and symbolic of a new day, it is also a great way to escape the Albuquerque heat. Oh….and get to see the hot air balloons taking off. This beautiful Mommy-to-be hiked to the top of […]


I still can’t believe I met this sweetheart before she was born. Happy First Birthday, sweet Sophia!

♥ Family

Oh my…the chubby sweetness is too much to handle. Quick fact: When I moved to Clovis in 2009 this was the FIRST family I photographed! It’s because of them that I met so many of the wonderful clients/friends that I did. Thanks guys…you really made my Clovis experience a memorable one. Loving, caring, passionate, selfless, […]

2+1= A Very Good Year

Rewind a little over a year… Technically, their little man was in this photo. He was just a bit more snug in his Momma’s belly 😉 Happy Birthday, Little Tomato! Read this post and the comments to find out whether or not anyone guessed correctly that they’d have a boy.

Full of Expression

Amidst the whirlwind of being a Mom to a baby, it’s difficult to pause and take notice of the many expressions they make on a daily basis. At just 6 months old this sweetheart has mastered the art of expressing excitement, surprise, puzzlement, wonder….etc. That’s another reason I love photographing babies… in just 60 seconds […]

A Breeze

Six kids and these guys were a million times less stressful to photograph than just one of my own kids. With only 30 minutes to take their photos I kinda feel like we performed a small miracle by getting so many awesome images. Trust me when I say I’m not as funny as they make […]