Signing up for a wholesale membership can be confusing if you’re not familiar with the dōTERRA website. I’ll take you through the process in order to simplify it for you.

The wholesale customer membership (25% off retail) is very similar to a Costco membership in the sense that you sign up and renew once a year to get their wholesale prices. $35 is the initial fee and $25 a year after that. However, dōTERRA sends you a free bottle of Peppermint every time you renew ($20 oil) so it’s really $5 a year to maintain.

You sign up as a Wellness Advocate but this does NOT obligate you to sell. As you can read below, there are no requirements or monthly minimums to meet. You purchase whenever you want. See the images and text below to help explain the sign up process.

Go to my website by clicking this link and it will bring you directly to the beginning of the sign-up application:

Select the Wholesale Prices option (see the screenshot image below)…This level of membership will give you the deepest discount (25% off) but in no way requires you to sell the products or purchase products. If you would like to distribute dōTERRA and become a wellness advocate, please message me or text me (802.598.9079) with any questions.

doTERRA WholesalePrice

Required Information

Sponsor ID

Enrollment Kit

This last section is where you decide which enrollment kit suits your needs. The $35 membership fee is included in the kit’s total already.

Here is more detailed information on kits:

If you decide you would rather create your own personal list of oils, you may do this as well. Please select the Introductory Kit option for the $35.00 (that is your membership fee) and then use the drop down menu to add on all the oils or diffusers/etc.  you would like to purchase.

Loyalty Rewards is completely optional. If you have already decided you would like to participate you can setup a shipment for next month. It’s a great program that rewards for consistent purchasing with a free oil/month and also product credit. You can modify the dates for when the oils are shipped and the products you want every month.

Here is a video that explains the Loyalty reward program’s benefits in more detail.

Finally, you will make your payment and submit your finished application.

Once your application has been successfully submitted you will be given a member ID number so that you can access your virtual office for ordering, Loyalty Rewards orders a plethora of other resources. Write this down or keep the confirmation email of your member number and the password you made so you can log on at

Please, don’t hesitate to text me 802.598.9079 or email  me if you have any questions.

I look forward to guiding you on your oil journey!



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