I won the lottery. At least that is what I felt like when Amy contacted me with her brilliant Christmas idea for her boyfriend deployed in Iraq. A 1950’s pin up calendar! My first thought was, where will I possibly be able to find some outfits on short notice? Then, I met Amy… or more accurately, her closet and all her unbelievable shoes, hats and 1950’s clothing.

We had one of those photo shoots where the stars align and you just want to pinch yourself, certain you’re still dreaming.  A big thank-you goes out to Abby & his wife, Dan, Heidi, Fabiola and the power of the Internet.

If anyone out there in Internet land has an idea for a unique shoot or a vision they would like to make a reality – I love a challenge and would love to work with you!

Not just any uniform – this was her Grandfather’s.


Do you recognize Marilyn in the box office?





No 50’s shoot is complete without a surf board, right?



I attempted to narrow it down to 1 image, ended up with 60. Went for 2 and ended up with 9.  No worries, Amy – you’ll have enough for 20 calendars 😉

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