While most Seniors are counting the days until graduation and scrambling to tie up loose ends (pictures, announcements, college plans, etc.) there is one junior that can take comfort in knowing that he can check “pictures” of his list.

Meet Brenden…..my first 2011 Senior Representative.

One benefit of being a KMP 2011 Senior in the Spring/Summer is a FREE refresher shoot in the fall.

If you’d like to learn more about being a Senior Representative go here.

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21 Responses

  1. Bren,

    I can’t believe you guys are graduating next year!! Where have the years gone of playing pirates, learning to water ski, and so many other things you all did together…

    Love the photos!! Keep us posted as to where you’ll be attending college!! Hope to see you in October for another Pavelow Reunion!!

    Love ya,
    Miss Barb

  2. Brenden,
    you have some good looking photos bud.. cant wait to see all the others, love playing baseball with you this year and all the past years.. love you man, keep up the good work and photogenic smile that those girlies love so much


  3. brenden,
    love the pictures, and love playing baseball with you these past few years.. hope all goes wel with college and everything. love you bud,


  4. B~

    The one by the car–WOW!
    Great pictures–great “kid!”
    Miss ya tons! 🙂

    the Carrico’s

  5. Great pictures, Bren! Didn’t think you needed a professional to make you look good – but she definitely added to the maturity of your senior look!!!

    (Thanks though….think Heath wants his picture next to the vinateg car – he thinks he could have the mobster look now!)

  6. Wow looks like you found a photog that can show u for what u r a good looking guy like your grampy jusy kidding, Kasey i think you r ahead of your game keep up the good work i love what i have seen so far.

    HH (Grampy)

  7. Brenden – you make me very proud. I hope I get to see you sometime soon. Very nice pictures.

  8. I know to you time may seem to drag, but I remember a much younger Bren. You have grown into a handsome young man.

  9. Great pix….I love the ones that are out of the ordinary, don’t like all the senior pix to look the same! GREAT

  10. Great pictures!! I can’t believe how grown up you look in these pictures. I miss you guys a bunch!!

  11. OMGosh! What a handsome young man! How beautifully she was able to capture your own personality. Careful, that last photo has GQ modeling written all over it! SWEET! Miss you lots!

  12. Wow! Bren is all grown up and a handsome young man! Hugs to the whole family!