Meet Blain….

Blain is a 2011 Senior at Lovington High School

His Favorite Quote is… It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you’re not a winner.

His dream job is… to be a CEO

He most looks up to… his Dad

If he could live anywhere in the world, he would live… in Ireland

5 goals on his life’s to-do list are…

Graduate college

Get a job and get paid pretty good

Visit Ireland

Visit the Canary Islands

Live to be over 70

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38 Responses

  1. Wow Kasey! These pictures are awesome. I love the way you captured his smile! I cannot wait to see the rest! You do outstanding work! Thanks so much – we had a lot of fun!

  2. Very nice pics… the open country scene…..
    Good luck Blain in all that you do and I hope and pray your dreams come true! Best Wishes to you!

    Good job Beth…goodlooking son you have there!

  3. Wow Blains Pictures are so so great!! I have been loking for someone to do my senior pics and i love his!!

  4. Blain…wow! These pictures are really good. I love the cowboy ones because they look just like magazine ads! The ones of you smiling are really good too, even though you don’t like to smile. Kasey…these are awesome!

  5. Wow,these are so wonderful! She really captured Blain’s spirit. I bet you are so proud Beth. And Blain I want to go to Ireland too some day! What a great photo session!

  6. Good pix. Hard to believe Blain is that old. He’s all ‘growed up!’ Nice lookin’ young man–looks like his mom!

  7. Wonderful pictures! Can’t wait to see the rest. We love the way you captured his smile!

  8. From a cute little boy to a handsome young man! Wonderful pictures of a wonderful guy! Blessings—-Fred and Charlotte

  9. Great Photography! As an amateur photographer, I can appreciate the quality of the work…..

  10. The pictures are fantastic. I havn’t see you since you were a little boy. I am very proud of you. Best Wishes and Congratulations! I too have always wanted to visit Ireland. If you need a MiMi to go, give me a call.

  11. Wow I didn’t know I had such a handsome cousin!
    Just kidding I knew and you were able to catch it all on film!

  12. These are amazing pictures – surely Blain can’t be a senior!! He looks way to grown up!!!

  13. Holy Cow Blain! Those are awesome. I never knew you looked so good cuz you never smile around me!! :-D) The ones in the field are super nice too!

  14. Love these pictures they’re so awesome.. Great looking boy you got there Beth…

  15. pictures are real cool. My favorite is the one with the large field.It needs to be a postcard!

  16. Wow!! Those are amazing pictures!!! Great job!! I cannot believe he is a senior! Love the last picture!!

  17. Blain’s pics are really cool – how are you going to choose? Be sure to send us one and an announcement.

  18. Wow! What great pictures. What a good looking guy with some great goals. Blain has grown into a very handsome young man.

  19. Love the open scene shots. Very good looking young man! I can see the mischievous Thompson side in him….

  20. congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Blain. i hope your year is going great. your pictures are super!

  21. OMG I can’t believe how handsome he has gotten!! I feel so old it’s not allowed for him to be grown up already! These are SUPER AwEsOmE pictures!

  22. Blain…you have grown into a handsome young man. You have so much going your way in life…just take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Your pictures are amazing, but not surprising…photographing a young man that has everything going for him should be an easy thing…Good luck in everything you choose to do in life. I have enjoyed watching you grow into an amazing young man. Kasey…you captured the very heart and soul of this young man…EXCELLENT job!!!