Words cannot express how privileged I felt to have witnessed and documented the birth of this beautiful baby girl.

Welcome to the world baby K!

4 Responses

  1. Kasey…each time I look at your pictures it’s like being there all over again and my eyes tear up (even now as I write this). Words can never express what it meant having you with us during baby “k”‘s arrival into our world. Your BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING photographs will ALWAYS be a reminder to me, not only, of my grand-daughter’s birth, but thoughtfully and respectfully of you. You are truly an artist and your work is an inspiration. I will cherish the memories and photos forever.

    Best of luck through your career!

    Marci Carson

  2. You just made me tear up 😉 I’m just thankful to do what I love and be blessed to meet people like you and your family. Thank you to for being so open and welcoming during such a private, emotional, momentous time. I can’t wait to capture more moments on Saturday!

  3. – Mandy, this post was soooo inspirational; I usnnrdtaed what you went through in terms of finding your vision. I am going through that right now. It’s so refreshing to know that our little community of empowered photographers are so supportive in helping us succeed and move forward. Your work is so beautiful to say the least. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us . Looking forward to reading more.