Bush eyes? Do you have them? I didn’t even know what that meant until my South African husband took me to the Kruger Game Park a few years ago. My initiation into the family consisted of surviving an hour, outside a car, in the game park….he,he…..not really. However, visiting Africa was a true eye opener to the untamed world that exists beyond my Starbucks and Target. It’s difficult, as an American who is so used to zoos, to comprehend until you experience it first hand.

We just returned from a 3 week trip, visiting family(who I miss so much) and the Kruger Park. We were very lucky to see the Big 5, but unlucky to have a broken camera. Therefore, what would normally have been 2000 photos resulted in about 200. Yah…not so happy with Canon – but thankful to have captured enough memories to relive the holiday.

So, I’d like to give my readers the chance to test their bush eyes!

The first person to name all the animals/bugs below (leave your guesses in the comments) wins $50 off a future session fee!!

Give it a shot…..I actually made it pretty easy….hey, my 2 year old just named them all 😉

*anyone may enter, but must be willing to travel to Clovis, NM or Lexington, KY for their session


2 Responses

  1. #1 Elephant, #2 Hard one…Impala?, #3 Dung Beetle, #4 African Yak, #5 Zebra, #6 Vultures, #7 Deer, #8 Lion, #9 Rhino

  2. #1 African elephant
    #2 Impala
    #3 Dung beetle
    #4 African buffalo
    #5 Zebra
    #6 Vulture
    #7 Waterbuck 
    #8 Lion
    #9 Black Rhino