“Not Back to School” Photo Shoot

I like to keep things simple. A desk, books, signage and lots of adorable homeschooled kids were all we needed to round out this fun photo shoot. Omaha Nebraska Homeschool 4Omaha Nebraska Homeschool 5

Isn’t nature the best classroom?Omaha Nebraska Homeschool 3Omaha Nebraska Homeschool 2

As if AWESOME wasn’t enough?Omaha Nebraska Homeschool Photo shoot 1Omaha Nebraska Homeschool 9Omaha Nebraska Homeschool 11Omaha Nebraska Homeschool 13Omaha Nebraska Homeschool 15Omaha Nebraska Homeschool 7

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  • Tamara AAugust 15, 2014 - 5:30 pm

    Love these photos!!! What a privilege and honor to have you take our “school” pictures!! Beautiful photography! Nature, some good reads, creative play, good friends, life in the moment, hands-on learning … the art of a great classroom!


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