Renee – Senior 2010 – Dora, NM

For a few hours I lived vicariously through this enchanting, gorgeous chica. Photographing Seniors is truly an escape from reality.  As we hopped from one location to another there were no thoughts of mortgages, diapers, laundry or grocery trips. Thanks so much for sharing your fun, vibrant energy. You rocked this sub-freezing session! Meet Renee […]

Calling All High School Seniors/Juniors

If you are a High School Senior/Junior or know a High School Senior/Junior – send them my way! They will be guaranteed unique, fun photos that reflect who they are.  Check out these videos to get an idea of how you this momentous time in their life will be captured… Check out my Senior Representative […]

Stefanie 2010 Senior – Take 2

My name is: Stefanie Neuhaus I go to school at: Dora High School If I could live anywhere in the world, I would live: on a beach If I had $5,000 I would: save it I most look up to: anyone who has a respectful life (I thought this was fitting for the pic of […]

Stefanie 2010 Senior Dora, NM

Fun, smart, sweet, creative and gorgeous. Just a few words to describe my most recent High School Senior from Dora, NM. Before we even met she “warned” me that she is a perfectionist. I could not have been more excited! I love the opportunity to expand on someone’s vision and help them make it a […]