Boy meets girl.
Girl falls in love.
Girl visits boy’s Kentucky home.
Falls in love again.
Boy pops the question.
Girl says YES!

And so begins the unity of 2 cultures, and the planning of 2 weddings on 2 continents.

We did our best to capture Kentucky in all its green glory.  Ohhhhhhhh….how I miss the rolling hills, horses and trees.

Thanks guys for humoring me and doing all the silly things I asked you to do on the streets of Lexington.

All the credit goes to Billy for spotting this door.

We did our best to recreate their proposal at the Henry Clay Estate. This is the actual bench Billy proposed at and the bottle of wine they shared afterward. Notice the Springbok jersey…how could she say NO?

I love how they incorporated green (their wedding colors) everywhere, including their drinks.

Check out that perfect form! He nailed it on the first take.

I’m so honored you guys chose me to document this time in your lives.  Enjoy the journey 🙂

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12 Responses

  1. Thank you so much Kasey for the most beautiful photos of Billy and Mariska!!

  2. beautiful pictures !! I am a wedding coordinator and I would love to reccomend you if that is permissable with you.
    Lorrain Smoot

  3. B– what fine pictures!! where did you find that pretty girl to hang out with?!?!? happiness to you both!

  4. Billy is the crowned prince of our family as he was the first grandchild. We are delighted that he found his princess! Beautiful pictures!

  5. These photos are incredible…not unlike the happy couple. Wishing you both happiness forever and ever.

  6. Pretty, Pretty pictures! You both look so happy, Chuck and I wish you the best:)

  7. WOW!!! This is stunning! Nig jy lyk Gorgeous ek kan nie wag vir die troue nie!!

  8. Absolutely, I would love for you to recommend me. Feel free to email me or call me if you have any questions 🙂

  9. I think these photos capture the energy between the two of you! You look amazing! Many blessings from SA