“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” – Coco Chanel

At the tender age of two, I think she is has achieved both.

This purse belonged to her Great -Grandma.

The difference between boys and girls. A boy makes bark a sword….a GIRL makes bark a trendy cell phone.

I felt honored to not only have tea with this sweetheart, but also Dora and Diego. I even got a cookie.

I think pearls are the perfect accessory to the sippy, don’t you?

I’ve never done this before, but am making an exception this once because I know a super special “Grandmommy” that also deserves a FREE print.

Leave a comment so that her Mommy/Daddy AND Grandmommy can each win a FREE print.

20 comments = 2 FREE 8×10’s
30 comments = 2 FREE 11×14’s

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32 Responses

  1. Her ma’am maw thinks Annaliese is just beautiful. You captured her beauty in these photos…

  2. Kasey….I’m speechless. You have captured my granddaughters beauty and sweet spirit. I can’t stop looking at the photos. What a gift you have given all of us. Thank you!!

  3. These are so just absolutely amazing. I love them!!! Great job Kasey and to the parents who created such a beautiful little girl!!

  4. Okay – do I even have to say how much I love her hair in this session?! The top 3 are my top 3, but also the Next to last with the parasol and pouty cheeks. Just gorgeous! Beautiful work all of you!!

  5. Kasey, I love how you capture her beauty and sweet personality…My favorite is the second one, maybe because she looks identical to her sweet grandmommy in it.

  6. What a beautiful girl and great pictures! I think I might recognize the dress- did grandma make it?. Anyway, just wonderful pictures and great set.

  7. I Love Looooove the first picture where she looks like she is wondering what to do next!! Absolutely fabulous!!

  8. These photos are beautiful of a most beautiful child! All of them are fabulous but subject of the photos say it all!!! The photographer is superb in capturing the essence of Annaliese. I’d have a difficult time choosing just one. My favorites are the picture where she is biting her nail, the one in pink sunglasses, pearls and purse and of course, the one with what is probably one of her her last days of “sippy cup.

  9. What a pretty little girl. I love all of these pictures, it is going to be hard to decide which ones I want!

  10. Wow these pictures are great! Our daughter is so beautiful. Thanks Kasey for taking these wonderful pictures.

  11. What a lovely little lady. I love how her beautiful blue eyes have been perfectly captured in the photos.