I loved this morning shoot because not a second of it felt like work. It felt like I was hanging with friends. Friends that brought lots….and LOTS of fun toys and props.

I’m so thankful we were able to make this shoot happen. I took her maternity and baby pictures, so there was no way I was missing her 1 year celebration!

This little guy reminds me soooo much of my little man. They share the same hair color, eye color, birthday months, and overall disposition. I have pictures of my son walking this exact same way, so I just had to post this shot. I have a sneaking suspicion the way he is walking and holding his hands behind his back is a common sight for his Mom.

The cousins.

Tricycle rides and tickles.And so continues my obsession with baby feet….

10 Responses

  1. Oh my heart is a flutter! It is just so funny to see my serious tots with my sister’s jolly kiddos. Thank you, Kasey for such a fun morning and for the beautiful pictures!

  2. How perfect for you to be able to capture the personalities of both sets of my grandchildren together as well as their moms (my daughters). Thank you for a lovely visit with ya’ll’s day. I love your photos of my families.

  3. Your photos of my grandchildren and their favorite cousins brought tears to my eyes. Thanks for capturing a bit of how very special they are.

    Betsy Eddleman